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Aeromexico Boeing 787 Dreamliner Arrival

First Aeromexico B787 delivered to Mexico City.


I think the Boeing 787 looks good with Aeromexico’s paint job. But there is one thing I do not understand, since that 787 is owned by Aeromexico it should have a mexican registration right? But if you look closely, it has an American registration and not a Mexican registration. Did anyone else notice that? And, I guess Aeromexico replaced their 767’s with the 787s.

You are confusing “owned by” and “operated by.” Many, if not most, airliners are leased from other carriers and leasing companies. That means they get the registration of the actual owner.

Aeromexico’s first 9 787-8’s include 5 that are leased from International Lease Finance Corp. (ILFC). The one in the video is undoubtedly from ILFC, hence the American registration.

I saw N961AM (first AMX 787) depart for the first time to Tokyo today from Tijuana. It was operating the second leg of AMX58 MEX-TIJ-NRT, and it was also about 8 hrs behind schedule. I hope they get more soon, it is a great looking jet in the AMX livery.

Anyway, Aeromexico has said that they will replace their 767-200ER’s with the 787-8, but that the 767-300ER’s were not going to be replaced by the 787-8 like the 762’s, yet.

After spending 10 years in and out of San Diego I never knew TJ had an airport… much less one that would support flight to Japan…