Why are almost all of AeroMexicos A's smeared?

-Most of Aeromexicos 737s I see painted in new colors not silver have an A smeared on the name? Did the paint not dry or whats the conclusion to this?

-My opinion is it makes the planes look bad.

This seems to be on only the left side of the 737’s. There’s also a black smudge above the captain’s window. Couldn’t find any pictures on airliners.net showing this smudge on the right side. Found some 767 photos on jetphotos.net that had smudges also but not inside the “A” or over the cockpit window.

Like this one

flickr.com/photos/southernca … /lightbox/

Umm, no other one I can find is like that. It is more than likely from the jetway’s at airport.

You didn’t look hard enough. The following are all from airliners.net. None of the following could have been taken from a jetway

I believe thy are saying the jetway caused the scuff which I tend to agree with.

No, these are actual smudges on the aircraft. Look at the pictures I posted links to.

Airliners.net is extremely picky about the pictures they allow to be posted. They would not allow smudges. Additionally, the links are of 737’s at two different airports (1 at SJO and 3 at MEX). It’s doubtful the smudges would show at the same place on the aircraft at all airports.

Yes. I looked at the photos. I contend they are Rub marks from the jetway canopy.

What explains the smudge about the cockpit window then?

Four pictures of aircraft taken at 2 different airports with the smudges in the same places? I don’t think so.

More pictures
Found a close-up of the smudges: XA-MIA at LAX
It looks like Aeromexico has a problem cleaning some 737’s. Here’s two photos of EI-DRE at LAX and this one showing the aircraft at the end of 7R. The end of 7R is not visible from the terminals as far as I know. This aircraft is partially cleaned of the smudge.

This picture shows XA-MIA at LAX from a position where it would be impossible for the picture to have been shot through a jetway because the aircraft is on the southern side of the airport. All of the terminals, and therefore all of the jetways, are on the opposite side of the aircraft.

If they are rub marks from the jetways, why only on 737’s and not any of the 767’s or other aircraft? For that matter, why not on the silver color scheme?

Exactly rw812 is right :slight_smile: , this doesn’t make sense to have smudge on ONLY 737 aircraft belonging to AMX. :confused:

I second that.

I have no idea why the confusion about pictures taken from jetways is about.

Here are some of the silver 737s with a similar rub mark on it.
diecastaircraftforum.com/att … 12-mcc.jpg

Here’s the 767.
Notice the vertical rubs in either side of the 1L door. Same kind of thing as the 737s. Just the door is further back (from the cockpit window)
airliners.net/photo/AeroMexi … R/2086260/
airliners.net/photo/AeroMexi … R/2061018/

Since this problem is so apparent on AM aircraft and less so on others - it might be due to the jetways that AM uses at MEX since these aircraft would see them so often while other airlines’ aircraft would not.

Here’s an AA 737 with similar jetbridge rash.
airliners.net/photo/American … 3/2188937/

It’s probably more common than we realize.

I think some of you guys are looking at it the wrong way…

The “smudge” is actually soot from diesel exhaust from ground service vehicles and jet-a exhaust that collects around the OUTSIDE of the edge of the jetway seal due to the relative air pressure differences between the jetway seal to the aircraft and ambient air pressure. There’s a kind of a vacuum sucking outside environmental stuff towards the climate-controled jetway which is based on the the terminal’s climate and pressure. The jetway actually acts as a venturi (in a way) sucking outside stuff towards it.

The CLEAN PART between the “smudges” represents where the jetway mates to the fuselage.

Also, after several cycles the soot is blown/scrubbed off by airflow from aerodynamically smooth areas, and remains in aerodynamically rough areas (behind the cockpit windows etc).

Just my $0.02 as a former ramper who has seen this many times lol.