Airport IATA/ ICAO Codes

I am trying to put together a list of every airport in the world. I would also like to have their IATA/ ICAO Code. I know this project seems impossible, but its something that I want to do.

Any insight as to where to get a current list of the IATA/ ICAO codes without having to buy them from the IATA or ICAO? Any help is appreciated.

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Doing a Google search on ICAO/IATA airport codes will yield several sites that have a listing of those codes.

The FAA Location Identifiers publication, available at the FAA publications page in PDF and HTML formats lists all USA codes (both ICAO and IATA/FAA).

Is your project going to include all airports in the world or just public airports?

Good luck!

This project is for all airports in the world (So whatever I can find, public, private, large, small, etc).

I have googled ICAO and IATA and have had hundreds/ thousands of results. All the datasets seem incomplete. Also I am looking for the most up-to date data available. I understand that the IATA and ICAO change codes 2 -3 times a year I believe. When locating data from a google search I am not sure what year the data is from.

Mainly I am looking for a spreadsheet/ text file with airport names and codes (IATA/ ICAO/ FAA). Does the FAA only have codes for U.S. Airports?

Currently I am looking on the FAA’s website under airport publications. Hopefully I can find something there.

Thank you for your input, if you have any other ideas or knowledge of where I may locate such data it would be appreciated.


try wikipedia.

I did, only came up with 5,792 records; I went to every page a, b, c, d, e, f, etc. Copied, pasted into Excel. Like I said there are a lot of sources for this data, but most are incomplete.

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For worldwide ICAO codes look for a copy of the final public edition of DAFIF as a good starting point.

The FAA data has ICAO codes and FAA LIDs, but not IATA codes.

Isn’t DAFIF discontinued? The last publication was from 2006 wasn’t it? I will look into it more, but like I said, I am looking for the most up-to date data. Thank you for the suggestion.


Read the Wikipedia article referenced in MDUELL’s posting.

Thank you for the reference to DAFIF, I e-mailed the NGA, but like the article states “closed to public access” but my hopes are high! I’ll let you know if it works out.

Thank you for your time.


I used to generate aviation related waypoints for my handheld GPS. It produces a .gpx file, a standard format which most GPS applications use.

Using this site, I’ve compiled a list of all 15,000+ public airports in the world and converted to a delimited text file and a .csv file. It’s got the ICAO code, Airport Name, Lat/Lon coordinates and field elevation.

Send me a private message with your email address if you’re interested in this data…

Good luck with your project, but it’s an impossibility.

There are airports in many countries around the world that will not show up on any publicly accessible list, map or chart. In addition there are vast areas of the globe that are not accurately viewable from publicly accessible satellite imaging due to sovereignty and security issues.

(Nose, I’d love to have a copy of your file in .csv format.)

I understand that and was going to mention it in my original posting.

The three letter FAA codes are also IATA codes, as far as I can tell. However, FAA codes that consist of numbers and letter(s) are not IATA codes. Furthermore, with the exception of Hawaii, Alaska, and outlaying USA territories (e.g. Guam, Virgin Islands), the ICAO code for USA airports using 3 letter codes are made by adding a “K” to the start of the 3 letters.

Please let me know if I got something wrong there. Thanks.

There are dozens of examples where the IATA code exists and does not match the alpha-only FAA LID. An example at the top of my mind is the new airport in Branson, MO -

Thanks for the info. Learn something new every day.

But not every FAA code is the same as it’s IATA counterpart. Ex: Carlsbad, CA (FAA: CRQ, IATA: CLD), St. Augustine, FL (FAA: SGJ, IATA: UST), Marquette, MI (FAA: SAW, IATA: MQT), Boulder City (FAA: BVU, IATA: BLD).

Also Alaskan airports just drop the third letter of the FAA code and add a PA in front unless the FAA code begins with an A which then just a P is added. Hawaii is the same way with PH and H. At least, that is the normal (always an exception to the rule). Sometimes, the second FAA letter will be dropped and the third letter will make up the fourth ICAO letter but all domestic ICAO codes are made up from the FAA code.

they are published in:
ICAO Document 7910 Location Indicators encode-decode