U.S.Airport codes

Where can I find a list of codes for most of U.S.airport codes? any advise would be apreciated. Thankyou

Welcome Falcon24

Go to airnav.com/airports/us and click on the state of interest.


The FAA’s Location Identifier lists them. It also lists Canadian and Mexican codes.

You can download a PDF of the manual by going to faa.gov/airports_airtraffic/ … lications/ and scrolling down to JO 7350.8C

7350.8C will not only encode/decode the location identifiers, it will also tell you how they are assigned and other interesting information on them.

It will also decode/encode all navigation facilities (VOR, etc) and the five letter fixes you’ll often find in the flight route.

Additionally, on the left hand side of FlightAware’s pages, you can click on “don’t know the airport code?” to find the code. Please note that this does not work in the forum, only the main site.


Even better, never knew! :smiley:

Thanks to all for the help on -airport codes- listing resources. May all your landings be squeekers.