Looks like the local receivers in Southeastern SC/NC might go down this week


The coast of the Carolinas look like they may be the path of Hurricane Florence with impact as early as Wednesday of this week. If power is lost we all may be down only a day or two, or as much as weeks. The hurricane of 2016, power was out about 3 days and the hurricane Irma of 2017, we didn’t loose power, but it was only a category 1 storm. Hurricane Florence is forecast to be any where from a Cat 3/4/5. Who knows? We’ll be back when we can!
I swear I’m getting a whole house standby generator if this happens. I have wanted one for years!!



We don’t have anything like that in our part of the world but I can think it must be a frightening experience. Keep safe.


When Isabel hit us in 2003 here in SE Virginia (Hampton Roads area), some remote neighborhoods lost power for 3 weeks.
The crews will fix firstly the primary lines feeding hospitals and schools (shelters), then the primary lines feeding whole neighborhoods. Lastly are the lines that feed small lines that feed just a few houses in cul-de-sac, end-of-line.
My area is all fed underground (not in a flood plane), originating from an overhead line that feeds a couple of schools, so the power was out only one week. I just took a vacation to the west side of the sate with my family and pets. On the way back, after one week, there were just a few gas stations working (no power), so… fill up any car you have in advance!


I’m in the greater metro Charleston, SC area. We are familiar with coastal hurricanes, the worst in my memory was Hugo in 1989. We are all prepared as best we can be. I’m about 35 miles from the coast and about 75 ft. above sea level, so no coastal flooding to worry about.
Only concern is AC power, still have overhead power lines. Just hope that power won’t be out very long if at all. Looks like the projected path “may” be turning a little northerly, you guys may be in the target zone. Stay safe!



Nooo, don’t send it here, keep it down there :smiley:

I am closer to the water (5 miles to Chesapeake Bay, 30 miles from Ocean), luckily I have been smart enough to buy my house outside of the four evacuation zones, on the “raised” portion of my peninsula. Already “Zone A” was ordered to evacuate this morning and I am to work from home, since my office is in “Zone A”.

Good luck and be safe!