Hurricane Florence


Should be interesting to see how long my station on Bogue Sound (Near Lat 34.6882 Long -76.88987) stays operational in this storm. Forecasted winds currently peak at 100mph by tonite and stay above 75mph through tomorrow. Not looking good at the moment. I took my other station down as the antenna masts would snap off.

Needless to say it will be down if power or internet is lost or if the structure its attached to is lost, with no anticipated uptime.

Still a decent amount of air traffic up and down the coast, although staying 100 miles inland at this point.


Update: still chugging. and for those that say that range is greatly impacted by weather, at the moment in the middle of a hurricane I am getting aircraft 240 nautical miles out. Of course there’s nothing flying within 100 nm of there.


This site:

That’s quite some range. Weather only means you need more sensitive reception equipment i guess :slight_smile:


skip, your updates are appreciated. having lived on the gulf of mexico years ago i understand your situation. best of luck


Homemade 8 element Collinear, 15 feet of RG6 coax and a FA Prostick set to AGC jammed in a RPi 3B+, located maybe 12 feet above sealevel. I have no technical explanation for it other than location and salt water.

UPDATE: Just lost power so station is down for who knows how long. :disappointed:
It was a good run while it lasted.


Station 82531 went down approximately 20:45 UTC 09/13/2018. There is no anticipated uptime. This is the last screenshot I captured, and overlaid Hurricane Florence at about the same point in time.


Poor RPi3+… R.I.P.


Chances are the home it was in was pretty much destroyed, so the Rpi is a minor issue. I am hoping to be able to salvage the antenna :frowning_face:


I’m very sorry to hear that! Hopefully all left before the hurricane hit, or if they stayed, no injuries. Everything else can be replaced, not easily and with a lot of sacrifice sometimes, but replaceable.