Hurricane Gustav


I just wanted to give people an insight as to what is going on down here. I am 80 miles due north of Gulfport, MS ,and it is crazy here. At my local grocery store there is no bread, water, charcoal, lighter fluid, and very few canned goods. I went to fill up my vehicles this morning and every station has a line waiting for gas, but thankfully I did get as much as I wanted. I can only imagine what it is like closer to the coastal cities. I think people are taking this very seriously, as they should. Having said all of that, best wishes to all of my fellow Americans closer to the impact zone. I am going to be fine here I think, and I also am well stocked on snuff, water, canned goods, and gas. May God Bless our brothers in harms way!!!



This brings up a good point. Everyone should have an emergency supply of food, first aid supplies, and other stuff needed for an emergency.

This stuff should be stored in an easily accessible place, such as a closet near an exterior door, and should be easily transported (e.g., in a back pack).

People should plan on having enough stuff to last them 3 days at least.


Secure your planes or take a vacation to another state!



Not sure how to take this…but I don’t have a plane or planes, and it would be kind of tough to enjoy myself on a vacation while friends/relatives are getting hammered by Gustav.


I spent a week in the Gulfport/Biloxi area earlier this year and the scars from Katrina were still evident everywhere. Three years later and they are still rebuilding, but it is a slow process and there is still a lot of work to be done. I met a lot of very sweet people who were still trying to recover, and now another big storm is on the way. I feel for them and wish the best…it’s a very difficult situation.