Lieberma - You OK in Mississippi? Squawk This!!!

Hey Allen,

Heard about the tornados… are you OK friend? :open_mouth:

I heard on the news where Allen had tornadoes in his vicinity. I was wondering how he was doing also. I am in MS, but I am about 75 miles south of Allen. All good here outside of rain/wind/lightning.

I’m worried…it was a monster tornado on the ground for a long time. :frowning:

Communications are seriously disrupted in the area so I fear it will be a while before we hear anything from Allen. I’m sure we all wish him well.

I think it missed Maddison

this will paint a good picture

Thanks for the visual Jason, I ws trying to find out more info about the path for concern of Allen. it does look like it was pretty far north of his position. but like James said…the comm lines are more than likely pretty well disrupted thru-out.

Hope all is well with you Allen. :slight_smile:

Maybe he’ll come back with video of the whole thing!

Guys!! He’s OK!! Just heard from him in another thread! Yay!!

He’s in another thread?

John in Saudi

You’re in another century and Allan’s thread is probably somewhere in Alabama.

Well dang, missed this thread all together. That’s what happens when winds spin around you :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks all for the genuine concerns! I will do better to report in much sooner!

As I said in another thread, MS has learned big time from Katrina. They had MEMA on site in Yazoo within an hour of the tornado passing through. Emergency shelters were set up but amazingly less then 50 took up residence. Southern hospitality really shone as many people not only came out to help those in need but opened their homes up as well.

Back at the homestead other then a morning T’storm with some ahhtitude, it was really quite a nice day considering the forecast.

No rest for the weary, forecasters are already gearing up for next weekend. … er+Outlook

It’s the height of the severe weather season so this comes to no surprise. We just have been very, very fortunate thus far!

Thanks Satine for reminding me. Age 50 getting closer and closer, that’s my story and stcking to it!

Thus far a non event at the homestead with only 1.5 inches of rain in the bucket. Just garden variety showers pretty much I20 and south. Still early though since air really a hasn’t warmed too much from the morning rains.