Tornado sirens just went off briefly…Gee I wonder why? … rport=KHRO

Same system that just got done dumping almost 5" of rain at RVS in a little over 3-1/2 hours

Do ya know if there was a tornado for sure? My aunt lives in Rogers Arkansas…

None “verified” based on SPC reports

Thanks lieberma.

I think this might indicate something that would explain you. 8)

And just so we’re clear ,Im a south Floridian not an Arkansan. I just happen to live here. I try to offend these locals, but they just dont get it. :confused:

I thought you would be a razorback, not a gator!


Could be a hurricane if he is from South Florida, or even a nole.


Or a Bull, or a Knight


The Knights are now the Sharks (I think the Basketball team are still the Knights though)

As long as he’s not an AGGIE he’s okay. Cause everyone knows the aggies suck

UCF changed? Didn’t know that.

Nova Southeastern D-2 school. They were the Knights and switched to the Sharks. didn’t know UCF were Knights also

a “cane” and a Dolphin fan for inquiring minds that want to know. :wink: