looking for n950sw


I am looking for 950sw which is owned by safeway. It is not in the flightaware data base an am not sure how to add the aircraft. If anyone could help, or has any info on the aircraft that would be great.


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No action is taken to “add the aircraft”

Tail number as posted is accurate, but if that plane has not flown on a IFR (instrument flight rule) plan, they won’t show up.

Also, it is possible they may have their tail number blocked so it cannot be viewed. Something to consider.

Check out flightaware.com/about/faq.rvt for frequently asked questions which covers blocked tail numbers.

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It doesn’t look like it is blocked just not registered under that tail number. Maybe try to make sure it is correct. If you need any help let me know.

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My guess is they operate under a flight number. I found the aircraft exists, it’s a Challenger. If there’s a company in the Bay Area that operates Challengers, they probably fly under that name. For example, if it were managed by TAG http://flightaware.com/live/flight/TAG468



I don’t see any CL60s flying under idents with 950 in them; could be flying as something totally different, not flying (no photos on airliners.net in the last 2 years), or requested a block at the FAA level (unlikely). Do you know any recent flights for this aircraft?


Gulfstream III N750SW based at OAK Metropolitan Oakland International Airport, as is Challenger N950SW. Both aircraft are owned by Safeway and are managed and flown by TAG Aviation USA.

N750SW flies as TAG538 Flightaware TAG538

N950SW flies as TAG543 Flightaware TAG543


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Wow that was some REAL work. I posted and got an answer only in a day! How did u find that anyways. Its kind of funny, i work for safeway and am working on making flying a profession. Its cool to see my company has a jet for me. Thanks for all the help!!!


Both aircraft show up on multiple aviation sites.

In this case, the Challenger took about a minute to find, the Gulfstream a little longer. I don’t need too, but I’ll usually punch up Google Earth to see which airports are most likely used. In this case, OAK was my second choice, but ACARS show many flights out/in of OAK.

Both appear on FAA Registry, both many times on OAK ground movement lists for the purpose of taxiing, but not for flight. That usually means a mechanic is taxiing out for engine runups, and using the registration number, as opposed to the flight number.

FAA RSVM site, lists both aircraft as operated by TAG. The Challenger with several trips to Europe shows up on many aviation sites. Aircraft ‘Spotting’ sites, and ACARS/SEACAL sites.

The Gulfstream was listed as available for charter by AMI, which is owned by TAG. (Google AMI Jet-they just had their license cancelled by FAA).

As in all TAG managed aircraft, and there are lots of them, they all have a permanent callsign.

Finally, by entering the TAG call signs on Flightaware, there are your aircraft.


What are the URL’s for the ground movement lists and RSVM list. For the latter, I found a RSVM site but no list(s) of aircraft RVSM certified.
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There are afew ways to do this, first, for the registered owner along with aircraft c/n, registration, selcal number thus you can search any aircraft on an ACARS site.

Example of searching these; airframes.org/ and FAA sites.

With this info you can search ACARS sites, and find any aircraft on a flight plan, its registration, selcal number, and flight number, if using one.

An example of ACARS sites;
acarsd.org/world_ACARS_repor … 070301.txt

and for answers and any help to figure it out antonakis.co.uk/acars.php?page=request

example of callsigns including N950SW; antonakis.co.uk/acars.php?page=callsigns

FAA RVSM Corporte; Jets Operator/Registration/ www.faa.gov/ats/ato/150_docs/US_MASPS/US_MASPS_IGA.xls -

Oakland International Airport Quarterly Reports; which includes both aircraft in movements; www.faa.gov/ats/ato/150_docs/US_MASPS/US_MASPS_IGA.xls -


Some great tips and information provided here. Very informative.




This thread has been highly educational. Thanks, Rob.