Tail # not matched to correct plane


My Tail# for a Beechcraft King Air 90, brings up tracking for a Falcon 900. Flightaware is tracking the wrong plane. How can I fix this?


Keeping the call sign secret won’t help Mr. Flightaware.


Tail #N901SA belongs to a King Air 90, not a Falcon 900. Thanks!


Weird. N901SB is the Falcon 900 (blocked).


weird, the registration is correct (BE 65-90) but the headline shows the 900.
Have you checked your hangar or tiedown recently? Maybe you do have a Falcon now…


Hmmm … don’t think we could sqeeze the Falcon into our hangar. Does anyone have a clue as to how this can be changed to reflect the correct information??


The Flight Aware crew read all the threads, I’m sure they will get to it Monday.


Thanks to all for the info. and replies!


We display F900 because that’s what the most recent flight was entered as. You can click on any previous flight and it will show BE90 as the type.

Is the date/origin/destination correct for a flight you made but with the wrong aircraft type, or do you think the flight belongs to another tail number?


This tail# N901SA has supposedly not been in the air for 2 years. We are just now purchasing it. So, I am inclined to say that it is the wrong tail# for the last flight listed. Will do some more checking. Thanks for your reply.