FlightAware Plane Management

If possible I would like to see a feature where I could choose to ‘know’ my fleet by a nickname. I track approximately 10 different registration numbers on our field for flight alerts but it would be much easier to note which pilot’s plane is taking off rather than having to reference the 'N number registration. Obviously 10 is not a big deal because eventually regular users ‘Know’ whose plane which is flying. I just think calling up the planes by owner or rudder art is a bit easier.


Why don’t you put them in My Aircraft list in My Flightaware?

Then when you View in My Flightaware you see only the aircraft in your list.


Thank you for the response. Yes I do list 9 aircraft tail numbers located at two airports which I have alerts on. I typically ‘know’ these pilots well but I think of their planes a bit differently than tail numbers. Two of the aircraft that I follow are ‘branded’ so imagine at Oshkosh you don’t just say I saw a ‘B-29’ but you would more typically say I saw ‘DOC’ flying in formation etc. etc. It is far easier for most folks to think of icons and pictures instead of numbers - that’s all. I thought down the road in a build update, the FlightAware techs might be able to add a cross-reference table which we could access to assign ‘nicknames’ to the tail numbers we follow most. Obviously a dozen or so aircraft is not really a big deal but if you were following Southwest’s fleet, I think it would be far easier to specify the ‘Shark Week SWest 1’ plane as compared to a ‘N’ number. Cheers! - Bill

I don’t think we see aircraft the same way.

If you tell me you saw a B-29 at Oshkosh I would know what you referring to. If you told me you saw DOC at Oshkosh I would probably wonder where the other six dwarfs were hanging out.

Southwest fleet is currently 734 aircraft with 309 on order. If you give each one a nickname how would anyone else know which plane you were referring to?


ps I did a search on DOC and B-29 and google provided me with the reference but I could not find a tracking record for N69972 nor ICAO number A94F8D in any of the tracking databases I use.

HA - point taken especially with Southwest’s fleet! Our ‘universe’ is much smaller so in real life I say ’ I saw Gary’s plane’ or ‘Dave’s plane flew south today’ … the problem there (TRUE story) is I have THREE Daves on the field who all own aircraft and to make it worse - two of their last names rhyme - YIKES?? There clearly is NO HOPE for me. Cheers - Bill

I’ve been in meetings with three or four other Johns. That gets confusing when it is not in person.