Tracking by tail number instead of callsign?


Is there a way to search by tail number if the flight has a separate callsign? I’m trying to track N918WN (Southwest’s new livery, Illinois One) and want to catch it as it lands at Midway for Monday’s unveiling. I assume it’s coming from KBFI but it would be easier if I could just type in the tail number instead of searching through hundreds of arrivals. It should be arriving Sunday night, probably under a SWA8xxx callsign.


Not here, only the FAA flight plan call sign is used here. Maybe the SW website will announce it.



I was under the impression their new aircraft were flown from BFI to PHX. Knowing SWA, that plane will arrive at MDW as a revenue flight.


The a/c is going to be unveiled at a ceremony in the north hangars (old ATA hangars) Monday afternoon, so it’s not going to be a revenue flight coming in. I have access to the SIDA at MDW and was just hoping to get a few snaps of it as it lands at Midway for the first time.

#5 publishes the tail number for airline flights, but not until about a month later.


Can’t you find out when the ceremony is going to be held and then show up an hour or so earlier?

Just thought of something else. It’s possible they may not fly the aircraft in until after dark so that it can’t be seen by others until the appointed time.

(Only a supposition here: even if it’s going into MDW as a non-rev flight, it may still go BFI-PHX for tax purposes or some other reason such as putting the finishing touches on the aircraft.)


I’m not sure if ALL of Southwest’s new 737’s go BFI-PHX on delivery or not, but I do remember reading Dick Karl’s experience helping to deliver a new one to PHX a few Flying issues ago…


Well, this was 918

but not sure where it went after leaving MDW.