LAN 537 two touch-n-goes PBI ????????

A LAN cargo plane performed 2 touch-n-goes today at PBI. According to flight plan it was LAN 537 KJFK-SEGU. Some questions about this! Why would they do this? How often does this occur? Could PBI deny them? Does LAN Cargo know they are doing this? Also, on PBI frequency they are referred to as Cargo 999 Heavy. I have never seen this company here, only cargo is UPS and FX as far as I know. They did not land.

edit ***** flight was LNE 537 ******

Everybody does training. We used to have a 747 freighter do touch and goes all the time. They were changed $200 per touch and go. The airport manager would send a guy out in a truck to count them but he usually fell asleep. He would then call us and ask how many T&G’s the plane did.

Frank Holbert

I don’t think ATC would use call sign “Cargo” for LNE.

LNE537 is LAN Ecuador. Today’s (4 Jan) flight shows the track ending south of MIA. LNE537 is a passenger flight, not a cargo flight.

Call sign “Cargo” belongs to Safair, a charter operator based in South Africa.

Controller called him Cargo 999 because he missed his call sign during the first transmissions, controller actually stated that. I saw the plane and it said LAN Cargo on it, PLANE as day. Anyway, they must have been training, and maybe LNE537 was not the flight, but as i said, they dont land here and have never seen them here before. Thanks for the info.

Could it have been a LAN Chile Cargo flight?
Maybe whatever the airline they are planning on starting service to PBI and needed to do 2 landings to meet their countries version of proving flights.

John in Saudi