Does anyone know anything about this airplane? From what I can tell, its a former ATA airplane, but thats all the info I have on it. Not too many flights listed.



ILN is a cargo hub but this link says it was converted a VIP cabin this year so have no idea. No way can you make money running between ILN-PSM and London with passengers, so must be corporate.

Very interesting.

I wonder if after the conversion, they still left it exceeding the MTOW limit. In short, is this B752 still heavy, as ATA configured all their B752s to exceed the limit.


All 757’s are ‘heavy’. What do you think dadalope?

Ok, I’ll bite. Exactly, and I mean EXACTLY, how did ATA configure all their 757s to exceed the MTOW? I can’t wait to hear this… :unamused:

No, not all 757’s are “heavy”. All 757’s have to be spaced from other aircraft like they are a "heavy’, but not all 757’s have a MTOW above 255,000 lbs, which is the definition of a heavy. Some of Americans airplanes have a MTOW above 255k, so they fly under the heavy callsign, but not all of their airplanes.

Confused yet?

I’m not confused. What else is the ‘heavy’ label used for? What do you think dadalope?

I dunno about dadalope, but I think of fat chicks when the term ‘heavy’ is mentioned. :open_mouth: crap…hope nobody here is married to a fat chick. :blush:

The FAA ATC only clasify the ATA 757’s as “Heavy” due to their MTOW. That was a fact. Also, any 757-300 is required to amend “Heavy” to their callsign per FAA rules. They exceed the MTOW and also require special spacing when in the pattern. As it stands now with ATA gone, there are no 757-200’s flying around the US with “Heavy” in their callsign unless they are modified. I personally don’t know of any unless somebody flies a former ATA aircraft out of the desert.

Some 757’s are heavy.

Some are not.

Heavy = MTOW above 255k lbs

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Not sure if this is the reason why it was @ ILN, but state of Ohio has been trying to setup some business relationship with Airbus given the connection of GE Aircraft. More details here:

news.cincinnati.com/article/2009 … +suppliers

Of course, then why would Airbus execs fly a 757 … so I could be ENTIRELY wrong, or the pax were just other people associated with the whole deal.

another possibility … there is this convention center called “Roberts Centre” just outside of ILN. Somehow they draw big acts there, such as Jay Leno back in the summer. So it could have been some entertainer or upcoming entertainer (see Newsboys at following link – I think they are from the UK):


There is a N727LL that is flying around, and seems like it is parked at ILN also. Considering ILN is a mostly abandoned airport now, its probably just a good, cheap place to keep those aircraft parked.

I’ll just leave this here.

If they’re not using it I’ll take it.

Airborne Express used to operate out of ILN. Now that’s gone away (mostly) and they are running an MRO there. It’s called Airborne Mechanical and Engineering Services (AMES)

They do work on everything from DC-9’s to 757’s.

So if you need a place to do heavy maintenance on your 757, give 'em a call.