3 Cargo planes in a week at NZY!?


There have been 3 charter cargo flights into NAS North Island all within a week.

1.Polet An-124 on 15/1/13

2.Polet An-124 on 20/1/13 (RA-82068)

3.National Cargo B744F on 22/1/13 (N919CA)

Anyone know the specific reason?


Carrying large items for the military? :open_mouth:


Or a whole bunch of small items?


Or a combination of both!


Do any of you happen to know the SPECIFIC reason? Obviously 2 An124s and a 744F suggest that large items are being transported, I figured that part out myself. What I want to know is what those items specifically are.


The two AN-124’s would be there for military equipment that is too big for the military’s aircraft. Don’t know about the 747.

You can find applications for Polet, Antonov, and other foreign carriers that need permission to operate these types of flights at regulations.gov.

Be worn it’s not the easiest site to locate data but persevere and you’ll find your answer eventually.


I got an idea… go up to the main gate and ask…


And report back to us what you found out. And any bruising, enhanced interrogation techniques, etc…


SHHHHHH… that was supposed to be a surprise!!!