Military airplane?


Wed. 10-25-2017 at 3:09 PM I saw a plane that looked like it was headed to Detroit Metro Airport ,It could have been headed to Willow Run ,a little West of Metro.
It definitely was not a commercial plane . It had 4 engines and was very large. Not a 747 or an A-340.

Anybody see something similar on that time and day ?

Thank You, John M


Maybe an AN-124?


Why would it be around this neck of the woods ? You might be correct tho.


I looked up pics of a AN-124 and after a closer look ,it was an AN-124 ,It was drab gray in color ,not bright and colorful

as seen in most pictures.

I’m not sure how cargo planes approach a landing ,compared to a commercial plane ,weather they come in at a flatter angle and ascend at a slower rate .

Thanks for the info ,now I can get a good nights sleep. LOL

John M


This aircraft flew across S Florida the other day. I believe it’s registered in the Ukraine.


Chris ,

Upon further investigation ,I think the plane was a Boeing Globemaster III.

It would make more sense to see that , that a Russian plane.

To the untrained eye (And I qualify ) it might be hard to distinguish to two planes.

What do you think ,am I close in my thinking ?

John M


That sound’s more plausible.

This big guy is just passing by us now, on its way to SJU.


Lots of heavy lifting going on at Navy Cecil. Most of it going to Puerto Rico.