Help identifying cargo aircraft

I live in the DFW area and was driving around yesterday morning around 11:30 CDT. A glinting airplane in the sky caught my eye and I looked up to see what looked to me like a large cargo airplane. I saw its bottom-right side, and I can say for sure that it had a horizontal stabilizer with twin tails, and I know I saw two distinct engines or props under its right wing. My first thought was, “Oh, it’s an AN-124!” because I’d seen one of those before at Baltimore-Washington and I’m somewhat familiar with Russian aircraft. However, when I got home and googled the plane, I noticed that the AN-124 has a single tail, not two twin tails on either end of a horizontal stabilizer. The only plane I found that fits the bill is the AN-225, but I couldn’t tell if there were three engines under the wing of the plane I saw. I also considered that it might be an AN-22, but I didn’t see the large landing gear assemblies on the underside.

Anybody have any idea what I saw? It was flying just below cloud cover, heading east when I saw it. Thanks for your help!

you said twin tail and 2 props per engine…since there are no Antonov AN-22 Cock transports in North America I would say a B-24?
don’t know what you saw

Hey, thanks for the reply. Yeah, I don’t know what I saw either. I’ve seen B-24s at airshows, and what I saw was too wide to be a B-24.

I’ve tried to look up the AN-225 here and elsewhere to see where it’s been, but I can’t seem to find that information. Something tells me that I did see the AN-225 though.

225 would have 3 turbofan engines per wing
size wise its the largest transport in the world so you know if it was that aircraft