Any one know a huge 6 engine military aircraft??

I saw 2 of them fly side by side at 30000ft, huge 6 separate turbofan engine planes, looked military
If anybody has a possible idea or photo please replay to this topic.

Thank you!!

Only flying six engined aircraft I know if is the AN-225

And there’s only one of those…

There absolutely no way that was it, the plane was greyish green and there was 2 of them side by side, i could easily identify 6 separate contrails in the air.

Can you provide more description? High or low wing? High or low tailplane? Color?
Where was this seen?

Swept back wing, greyish green, 6 turbo fan engines, flying at 30000ft over KDFW.

Perhaps B-52s out of Barksdale AFB. A B-52 from a distance would appear to have 6 engines on a swept wing, as there are two pods with two engines on each wing, then another pod closer to the wingtip. Go to the wiki page to see what I am talking about.

Good thank you.

Any other possibility’s that you might have in mind please bring it up.

No other possibility. Either the single AN-225 that has 6 Engines, and there is only 1, or the BUFF. You more than likely saw 2 BUFFs going over. All other Aircraft I know
of have 2, 3 or 4.