6-engine plane over Saskatoon

My brother let me know that a 6-engine plane with red markings the width of the fuselage and about twice as long as the width with something he couldn’t read written on it flew directly over his house. He lives in Saskatoon and says he saw it on Sunday, flying from the north. It’s the direction of travel that first caught his attention.

Could this have been an Antonov-225? If not, what else might it have been? Maybe someone picked it up on their ADS-B feed?

Any sense of the time of day? Did it seem to be high altitude passing over or coming in to land? The lettering on the bottom and the direction might suggest Emirates Air, a regular Sunday sight here, but I’m pretty sure that they don’t have 6 engines.

Not six engines but other aspects of the description match the Emirates A380 Flights. Here is a photo of one flying over Seattle to San Fran.

Oops. The report was from my dad, not my brother (both have the same name, and usually it’s my brother talking about planes). So the location would be over Biggar, not over Saskatoon. My brother agrees with your assessment of an A380.

Here are the coordinates and time (in Central Daylight time) for UAE225 on Sunday at the closest approach to Biggar where location was transmitted.
Sun 13:47:51 52.0800 -107.9826

Here are Biggar coordinates.
52.06, -107.98

Altitude at the time was 38,000 feet.

I think this is what he saw. I instructed him how to use the internet to verify flight details for an overflying plane. Another UAE 225 is approaching, as I type this.

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Both Antonov Mriya and Ruslan don’t have ads-b transponders.