Rear Winged, Four Engined Large Jet flying over Atlanta?


Around 11:20-30 this morning, I witnessed an aircraft pass over Atlanta’s north-metro area, best guess between FL250-350. Luckily it passed directly over me, as it was travelling in a N-NE direction. Based from it’s large contrail, I could see that the aircraft had come from the west, made a turn somewhere slightly west of downtown Atlanta, and made it’s current N-NE direction. Normally I’d write it off as a 747 or A340, but the strange thing was that the aircraft looked as if it’s wings were towards the center-aft of the fuselage, with engines mounted in a standard-spaced manner under the wings. I had a decent view as it passed over me, and it was easy to see that this bird was big. Does anyone know whst I was looking at? I thought B-1B for a second, but the engines were too spread apart under the wings to convince me of it. The best way I could describe it was that it had the shape of a Beechcraft Starship or Long EZ, obviously much larger, of course. I’d love to know what I was looking at!


About the only planes I can think of to fit your description is either a A340-600 or an old DC-8-70, both aircraft have a fair amount of fuselage forward of the wings. Every other plane I could think of has either center wings or center-forwardish wings.


Virgin Atlantic A340-600 possibly? :unamused: