Strange Aircraft over Fort Worth, TX


I’m a newbie here … having used FlightAware for quite a while, but never posting.

I live in north Fort Worth, TX and spotted an unusual aircraft flying over on Tuesday afternoon. At ~5:15 PM on Tuesday, July 29th, I spotted what appeared to be a canard-winged aircraft flying overhead between 5k and 10k feet, climbing on a westward track. I’m a pretty adept aircraft spotter, but have been completely baffled by this one.

It looked to be an MD-80 -type aircraft, yet with large canard wings. It went into the clouds as it overflew me, so I didn’t get much of a look. I’ve searched the web for photos, as well as FA for the ground track and N-number. No luck!

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


Maybe a Piaggio Avanti P180 “Catfish”?


Did it look like this:


Nope … wasn’t the Avanti. I’m fairly familiar with it as we have one based out of KAFW (the Avanti is a neat looking and sounding aircraft). I do see it flying over from time to time.

This one was definitely a jet and similar in size to an MD-80. The canards almost reminded me of the Scaled Composites “Proteus” aircraft.

Thanks for your help!


CATBird? It’s a 737, not an MD80, but it’s about the right size.

edit: better pic


Quite possibly the one … to think I could possibly confuse an MD-80 and 737. I saw it from a distance and then saw it in and out of the clouds … so very likely.

Sure seemed like the canards were much longer, though the aspect ratio seems correct.

Thanks folks!


Cribbed from the Voodoo1 topic also running at present, another mutant aircraft with mini-canards is the following (but possibly in the wrong part of the country to you).
A longer aspect more akin to a MD80 from below: