Strange sounding aircraft

Today there was a very loud aircraft flew over my site that was on top of the overcast. Strange moaning very loud sound and fast. Not a helicopter. I have been around airplanes for over 50 years and have never heard this before. I have never been around an Osprey and suspect that is what it was. anyone verify what they sound like in cruise? It did not show up on FA.

Pasta rocket? Piaggio P-180 Avanti Sunset Landing @ Corfu - AMAZING SOUND - CFU Evening Plane Spotting - YouTube

Thanks for the reply. I do nnt think so as we have them at our airport occasionally and it is close in the sound. Thinking back, there were two of what ever it was, one higher and in trail of the 1st. I hope they fly an Ospry at Osh this year just to satisfy my curiosity