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I hear something but it’s not a plane!

Hi I’m a 2 minute newbie. Please excuse any general accepted practices I might not be following. Someone has been trying to make me think a plane is dive bombing me when I go outside. I hear it but I don’t see it and I don’t feel it. It’s the sound of a plane coming in and pulling up but that’s all. Almost certain it’s a drone. I have put cameras pointing skyward and they too catch nothing. Saw what might be a drone but not for certain. I don’t give them the satisfaction of looking up except for the first time. That time I was probably laughing the hardest. But it has been 5 days and it was old after 5 minutes. I thought they would give it up when they accidentally hit the dogs barking-my dog looked up and then looked at me. She wasn’t buying it either. Does anyone know how I obtain data that would please a court to show no planes were above me? I am pretty sure I know who it is. I want to have all ground covered before I make accusations. A good retort to my claim is-maybe you just didn’t see it! I have lived near a glider port for 40 years and know what it sounds like, where to look and how it feels to have a plane and a glider come in close proximity. I only looked up the first time because It was a sound I never experienced. Any help from you oldbies(?) or senior people more familiar then myself would be more than appreciated. Thank you

I hate drones and the idiots that use them over other people private lands.

I would call the local police and complain first. They might be able to see/hear it, plus you will have their records.

Might be a really big Mosquito i heard the florida ones are moving north