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General question.

Does anyone hear a jet fly over in the LA area but don’t see it?? Heard it many times (sometimes once a day to even 4 to 5 times a day few times a month) and tried looking for it follow the sound and see no jets around. And most times its clear out with no clouds and few times with lots of clouds (happened 3-4 times). Even look on here when i hear it and no planes in the Vincenty. The sound sounds like it comes from 7,000 to 8,000 ft or little lower (its the LAX planes course to land and planes from San Diego are way higher and cant hear them). Anyone has any ideas what jet(s) or what it can be??

I’m in Long Beach…and I hear ( but don’t see) the same thing pretty routinely. I’m fairly sure what I’m hearing is a higher altitude military aircraft overflying the airspace. Fighter types are louder by nature, and above 10,000 feet they are not restricted to below 250kts. So, given a fast, louder aircraft, the sound you are hearing ( which might have dropped several miles) is way behind the aircraft’s actual position. And, since a fighter is pretty small and way up there, it is almost impossible to see, unless you just get lucky and spot the little dot.

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Sometimes I hear it for about 10 seconds to sometimes about 40-45 seconds. I was getting an impression that it could be a military aircraft or maybe a highly classified military technology plane that only a few know of.