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Finding out what flew over me in Fresno, Ca.

Saturday the 25th I happen to look up to see an aircraft fly over at about 25k(i’m guessing) and it was going so fast relative to me that it had to be one of the fastest passes over me I have ever seen. I noted it was about 4:20pm pacific time and my position would have placed it traveling north passing just east of KFAT if not over the airport. I was also noticing some very strange clouds indicating maybe jet stream activity right overhead. Is there any way to figure out what flight this was? Will ground speed show on flightaware? This may have been a case of the aircraft much lower than normal but still going very fast. One thing strange was no other jet passed over the same flight path for another hour. Two other airliners traveled south and were half the speed or less! I could not hear the plane because of ambient noise in the area. Is there any way to find out what aircraft this was? Thanks!

Check out flightradar24 dot com. There is a playback feature. Let us know what you find if anything.

There is a lot of military activity in Central California, or flying over Central California. If the aircraft was moving that quickly, then it could have been a military fighter.