4 Engine airliner over AVP....doesn't show on FlightTracker?


So I call my 6yr old son outside this evening (7 July 2011) at about 9:05pm.

It was traveling about SSE and was CLEARLY a very large 4 engine airliner. I couldn’t even begin to estimate the altitude, but he wasn’t on approach to anywhere.
And I was surprised at how little noise it was presenting (I live 15 miles south of Scranton PA and a major air route goes overhead our house and they always seem to travel SSE).

My guess was 747 - FlightTracker showed NOTHING. At least no 4-engined airlines.

Any help?


Gary In Pennsylvania


Could be military.


…or perhaps a foreign airline that doesn’t show in FlightAware?


The fact that it had four engines and wasn’t making very much noise points to military in my opinion. Maybe a C17 Globemaster. I’ve seen them out of McGruire and other airshows, and they are not that loud for their size.

airliners.net/photo/USA—Ai … 22dcdb5b81



I’ve seen PLENTY of them. And at 9pm-ish, I still had plenty of light to easily discern that it was non-military.

We DO get the occasional C-5 go overhead…and even at that high altitude, the low deep turbine howl is like nothing else - VERY distinctive!

Back to topic - the underside profile of the 747 is pretty distinctive:

Not a photo I took…but just for example.
An A340 is skinnier at the fuselage and wing root.
And no A380’s are flying over Scranton, Pa! Besides…I’m sure it was the Boeing anyways.

I wish there was a feature where I could just type in my zip code and see all traffic with ‘X’ radius of that location.
That immediate view may have helped.
But I never saw anything close a ‘heavy’ on the flight tracking when I looked for it.


USAF flies the E-4B which is a 747. Maybe it was an E-4?


Sounds like you’re fairly adept at planespotting… was it too large to be an xC-135 (KC-135, RC-135, OC-135, WC-135)?


I had a flight that flew very low over my house and it frightened me at first because of its alltiude so I e-mailed our airport (Portland International in Oregon) and gave them the location and time of the flight and someone called me back and was able to give me all the information regarding the flight and why it was at the alltitude it was. You may want to get intouch with your nearest airport.


You’d know if it was a C-5. :smiley:

A340, DC-8, KC-135?