An-124 at NAS North Island (KNZY), San Diego on Sep. 23 2012

I got some pictures of a Volga-dnepr An-124 at NAS North Island yesterday. Cool plane to see in San Diego, but why is it here?


Those planes are used for charters, not passenger obviously. Anyways possible to pick up some big equipment that will most likely fly out of the country. I got a A124 out of Tulsa,Oklahoma picking up 2 G100 wings to go to Tel Aviv, via Manchester.

AN-124’s are also used by the military for domestic US flights when the equipment has to get there fast and there’s no domestic carrier that can carry it.

Volnga-Dnepr filed for flight authority to move 4 MH-60 helicopters from North Island NAS to NAG Atsugi. for US TRANSCOM.