nice A-319 flight … /RJAA/PANC … /PANC/KLCQ

Wow… So TIMCO has a facility there. Why the heck would they fly a 319 from Japan to Florida for MRO?

It’s one of the former China Southern aircraft that United is acquiring. It was formally added into the fleet by the crew base/line maintenance at Narita and then flown to LCQ for fitting with the proper interior and painting.

Wow! Great info. Assume it was still in CS colours??

Probably, but unless someone got it on camera, no way to be sure.

Doctor, your info is just priceless. You’re an asset to the forum. Was poking around AirFleets and found N889UA - N892UA. Given your knowledge, would they have slapped on the new reg at PANC? Useless and trivial information I know… but these inner workings of the industry fascinate me.

Re-reg could have been done anywhere, location is not important to the FAA.

Has to be done on US soil?

US soil?
don’t think so, just requires an FAA approved shop or DER.

Another one on the way. … /PANC/KLCQ

The new reg was probably applied in Narita. The FAA paperwork was likely sent out to them to meet the aircraft from Chicago. For UA pilots to fly it under a UA flight number it would have to be on the UA certificate and to be on the certificate it would be very expedient, if not required, for it to carry a US registration.

In ANC it cleared US customs (although I’m not sure what exactly the process for a leased aircraft being delivered is, perhaps the aircraft and its contents just have to be declared). It had to make a fuel stop anyway, and they were able to get both things out of the way in ANC.

Holy crap I didn’t know they could fly that far.