Is it EMB-145 or ERJ-145????

What is the correct prefix or the Brazialian Jungle Jets? Is it erj145 or emb145, emb170 or erj170???

Marketing names:
EMB 120
ERJ 135
ERJ 140
ERJ 145
Embraer 170
Embraer 175
Embraer 190
Embraer 195

Official Names (i.e. the names on the type certificate):
Embraer and FAA Type Certificate Data Sheets

I thought the “ERJ” acronym originated form “Embraer Regional Jet.” Was this started by Embraer themselves, or was it aviation slang that just caught on? I was under the impression that it was the latter, until seeing damiross’s list. Didn’t know that the type certs actually list them as “ERJ 170 & 190.”

It’s not all that unusual for an aircraft to be marketed as one thing and be officially certified as something else.

If you look up the DC-9-80 series of aircraft, you’ll find out that the MD-8x series, MD-90, and 717 are not certified under their own type certification but that of the DC-9. The official names for these aircraft are:

DC-9-81 (MD-81)
DC-9-82 (MD-82)
DC-9-83 (MD-83)
DC-9-87 (MD-87)
MD-88, MD-90-30

The DC-8, including the -70 series, are certified under one type certification while the 707 is certified under 2 type certifications: one for the 100 series and another one for the other models. Note that the certification is under 707 and not B707 or **B-**707.

It is not ERJ-170, 175, 190, 195

they dropped the “RJ”

The official name is E-170, E-175, E-190, and E-195

If you get a type rating it will show EMB145, etc…

The type rating certification name may be different from the official aircraft name. To expand and repeat on what I said above, below are the official names of all Embraer aircraft certified by the FAA. The official, certified names for the 170 and above series all have RJ in them. If you don’t believe me, here’s a copy-and-paste of all Embraer aircraft shown in the FAA Type Certification Data Sheet (TCDS) web.
The format below is the aircrft, the TCDS number, and the current revision of the TCDS:
EMB-110P1 A21SO Rev. 6
EMB-110P2 A21SO Rev. 6
EMB-120ER A31SO Rev. 7
EMB-120FC A31SO Rev. 7
EMB-120QC A31SO Rev. 7
EMB-120RT A31SO Rev. 7
EMB-120 A31SO Rev. 7
EMB-135BJ T00011AT Rev. 25
EMB-135ER T00011AT Rev. 25
EMB-135KE T00011AT Rev. 25
EMB-135KL T00011AT Rev. 25
EMB-135LR T00011AT Rev. 25
EMB-145EP T00011AT Rev. 25
EMB-145ER T00011AT Rev. 25
EMB-145LR T00011AT Rev. 25
EMB-145MP T00011AT Rev. 25
EMB-145MR T00011AT Rev. 25
EMB-145XR T00011AT Rev. 25
EMB-145 T00011AT Rev. 25
ERJ 170-100LR A56NM Rev. 3
ERJ 170-100 SE A56NM Rev. 3
ERJ 170-100 STD A56NM Rev. 3
ERJ 170-100 SU A56NM Rev. 3
ERJ 190-100 IGW A57NM Rev. 1
ERJ 190-100 LR A57NM Rev. 1
ERJ 190-100 STD A57NM Rev. 1

EMBRAER is actually an acronym. Yes, it is used as a name and you will find correspondence with only the first letter capitalized. However, EMBRAER is an acronym for Empresa Brasileira de Aeronutica SA . That said when the the aircraft was being introduced to the Regional Airline jet market as a economic alternative to the CRJ, the EMB-135/145 were marketed as the ERJ competing with the CRJ market. That said, either ERJ or EMB is correct.

I do not know the grammatical laws of Portuguese. However, in the English language, I understand that all acronyms are capitalized. Thus, I insist on EMBRAER as EMBRAER and not Embraer. :unamused:

What do you think? :question:

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I am just surfing and was given this Web Site address by the FO while performing a Jump Seat En Route Inspection. My interest and follow on of this discussion board probably will not last as long as my interest in the other Internet Forums I frequent.

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