Is Chataqua Now Flying for CO?


I found this and a couple other flights that all originate out of CO hubs! Is this a sign of things to come???


Yes, it is.


O wow that livery looks so ugly on that plane. :wink:


It’s “Chautauqua”

I’m from that area. I think I was in 5th grade before I could spell it. :laughing:


It’s "Chautauqua"
How does one pronounce this?




ooooo ok, i had always pronounced it shaTAQa


It’s a pain to remember also.


Here’s one more from the Buffalo are, Scajaquada.

SKA Jack Wa Ta.


CHQ is one of three airlines owned and operated by Indianapolis-based Republic Airways Holdings (Republic Airways and Shuttle America being the other two). They fly RJ’s for CO, AA, DL, UA, and US under the various subsidiary airline names. Chautauqua originally moved to KIND in the 90’s when USAir had a hub here. They now have almost 150 aircraft and 3200 employees. As much as I hate RJ’s (not fun when you’re 6’ 5") these guys do a pretty good job.


I never knew USAir had a hub at Indy. I knew about ATA & FedEx. Anyway, I don’t know enough about Chatauqua to give them a thumbs up or down, but I’m not a big fan of CRJs, and the lettering font looks much better on ExpressJet’s birds than the powder blue that these have. Just my opinion; I hope they serve CO well, especially since we’ll be seeing quite a few of them in my area. :wink:


The CRJ nobody wanted… its been painted in livery of Delta, Independence, United with logo, United without logo and now Continental.