ASA vS. Republic


Anyone have a good gouge on which company to go with if one had a choice. I would like to be based in Atlanta. I know ASA is all Atlanta and Republic has one base in Atlanta under the Shuttle certificate. Cincinatti would work as well and I know that the Chautaugua certificate has a base there. Any good info would be great.


Both are decent options. Chautauqua seems to be growing recently.

ASA is now owned by Mesa and there have been a fair amount of complaints about some of their work rules (such as very short overnights on the aircraft/in the airport). However, most of the complaints I’ve heard have been people flying under the Mesa code and not the ASA one.


ASA was never owned by Mesa…Skywest, yes, Delta - once…But never Mesa. Don’t know much about what’s going on at Republic…But ASA just got a new contract after 5+ years of negotiations. Relations between Mgmt and the Pilot Union are not the best. Upgrades will be in the two year range as the mid seniority pilot are still leaving. Last summer quite a few low time pilots were hired and trained (275 hours Total time).
Best Advice…take a chance - you won’t know if it’s the right choice for 5 years.


yeah, sorry, I got Mesa and SkyWest switched around in my head.

The things I said are true about Mesa.