iPod / iPad App


Thank you!!! :smiley:


I second this. It makes my day.


I’ve been looking forward to this app for a long time. However, when I go to the Airport Activity tab, I would like to be able to view more incoming/departing or en route/scheduled flights then are listed now. I would like to view a whole days worth instead of the first 20 flights. I would also like to be able to view the aircraft type on all of the flights. For some reason, the plane type is missing on some flights when it is listed on the flightaware’s website.


Nice App!

2 Things that could make it better:

  1. When viewing a flight it should display the registered owner of the plane.

  2. It would be nice if the airport activity page showed a number on the buttons for “arrivals, departures, en route” For instance, if there are zero Departures, I can just see the “0” without having to click the button.