FlightAware iPhone App feedback thread

So far, so good. Only problem is that when I look up my FIL plane (84hl), the last flight is shown, but no track.

Also, when doing a route search, I am getting a significant delay between characters on my iPhone.

On the plus side, thank you for not making already registered users actually register again for the app. Now if Mafia Wars would have done that…

Wait…no zoomable map? WTF???

KIDDING!!! :smiling_imp:

One suggestion is to show the log in status. I.E, once logged in, the log in button should change to log out.

Tap and rotate.

I thought I was the resident smart ass!

We’ve pulled the app from the store until we can get the search performance issue resolved.

Also, it would be good to search by airport activity, not just specific flights or routes.

It should, what flight are you looking at?

Same question.

Must have resolved itself Mark since my post last week.

I was looking at flightaware.com/live/flight/N1943L

Track line is now displayed as of this posting and no radar echos so I would think that is the old one during the flight.

Is the iPhone app available again? I can’t seem to find it in the app store…

Not yet, smmarts.

Any idea when it will be available? Thanks!

Quick idea for the new version…

Rotation of the summary page. Would that be possible?

Any news on the progress of this app?

Any news?

Resubmitting to the app store this week.

Thank you for the update sir! Looking forward to it!

Count me in!!!

Any word on the status of the app?

Check the App Store?

I can’t find it there…has it been released?