Mobile version? perhaps?

Welcome aviaator.

See … ght=mobile for suggestions on mobile devices.


Thank you. The iPhone has a full version of Safari installed and won’t allow installation of 3rd party software like opera mini.

So you don’t have to jump back-and-forth,* here’s what a member of the FlightAware staff said:

The site should simplify a bit if it detects that you’re on a mobile browser, but there isn’t currently a proper mobile version available. If Opera Mini ( is available for your platform it generally does a better job at rendering than some of the built in browsers.

*That’s just good customer service. Rather than make the customer go to the page, you bring the page to him.

OUY VEY!!! :unamused:

No off button.

I have a friend of mine with an iPhone who flew out of KSAN this morning. Last night he wanted to check out aircraft types on his way to KFLL. I told him to try FA on his iPhone. Worked pretty good.
Also noticed a couple errors on a/c type on the page lol…

An app is now available.


2 minor things

Track line does not display only origin and destination
Map displayed current radar not historic image

I use an Itouch if this makes any difference

Wow! I could not download that fast enough. Very cool! Hope I can use this on my trip to LA next week.

Allen, I’m using the iPod Touch also. I searched for a flight that was currently enroute (NWA1427) and it seems to be tracking it just fine. I’m seeing the origin (DTW) and the destination (EWR) as well as the track line and tag of the flight #, aircraft type, flight level, speed and destination. Only thing I’ve noticed so far was that it does not appear to update automatically. I’m certainly not complaining though, I’m just happy that the app is finally here. :smiley:

Now, if only my damn Red Wings would pull their heads out of their asses. :imp:

I betchya I beat you to it :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you try my tail number? N1943L

Might be a display problem on my end? Flight on computer shows no radar returns, yet on Itouch shows current radar. Flight was conducted in severe clear conditions

After your posting, I tried going back and map couldn’t be displayed, so had to go back in and try again. As your reaction was, I love the app.

Mucho appreciated here!

You’re showing up ok (I don’t know if you are supposed to be blocked or not). It is showing the last flight you took departed Tupelo Regional in Tupelo, MS on April 24 at 3:49 pm CDT and arrived Bruce Campbell Field in Madison, MS on April 24 at 5:31 pm CDT. The map does not show the flight track just the origin, destination and some cloud cover to the East, which after going back and re-reading your post the weather it shows is current.

Very Cool! 8)

F-ing Red Wings. :angry:

Naw takes the fun out of being tracked by blocking!

You see the same as I do, just slight different behavior on Itouch app then the browser was the purpose of my post.

Anyone find long delays between characters when typing in the route search?

Yes, I am. I thought it was just a slow iPod Touch, wasn’t sure if that was an issue with others or not.

No problems here…

Mark, permission to start a “New FA App Comment Here” thread…

Ah hell, I will just do it and if you don’t want me to, feel free to lock it.