Mobile Tracking

Is there any way that Flight Aware can create a Mobile PDA friendly page for individual flight tracking on PDA phones? Or does it already exist? If so, where? I access this site through my phone but with all of the extra content, it makes the downloading process slow.

I look forward to hearing the feedback. GREAT Site!

The site should simplify a bit if it detects that you’re on a mobile browser, but there isn’t currently a proper mobile version available. If Opera Mini ( is available for your platform it generally does a better job at rendering than some of the built in browsers.

I second the call for better mobile support. It’s nice that the page detects mobile devices, but it doesn’t always work on every PDA or application, so perhaps publishing a direct link to the mobile/reduced content version of the site might be the easiest solution, shortterm?

For instance, my iPhone thinks it’s clever enough to render non-mobile pages, so it’s safari version doesn’t always insist that it’s a mobile device… sadly, that makes it hard to use certain features like the pop-up selector for airline company… maybe a drop-down would be more compatible?

Great site and service! Thanks again!

Add me to the list

I am using Opera Mini with my new 8330 Curve. Love the phone. Love the browser

The big problem is that when I attempt to open the flight tracking map display for my local airport, all of labels associated with the individual aircraft are illegible due to their small size.

It would be neat to call up the local display and identify the aircraft making contrails overhead.

Not there yet

Still waiting on a zoom in command for the flight tracking maps

How about an iPhone app for mobile users ?

I love the text messages and alerts, but an app written for the iPhone would be awesome.

That would be nice. The site displays just fine on Safari, but an app would be nice. FBOWeb has an app for purchase now.