Iphone App

I love the Iphone app by Flightaware! It is a great app, and has replaced just about every aviation app on my Iphone. Yet, I was just wondering if there are any updates coming to it soon? The main website has had several great updates in the past month or so, and I was just wondering if there were similar updates coming to the app.

An update is coming soon; it’s actually in the Apple submission queue right now.

curious to see what the status of this update is. Looking forward to it.

I agree! The iOS app is fantastic; even better than the website (& that is great too). I love it how I can screen-shot the data page + the flight map of a particular flight my family/partner/friends are on, and post it to Facebook. I have also always appreciated the amazing photos FlightAware users have uploaded, and often use them as PC desktop backgrounds. Thankyou to the incredible creators of FlightAware site & smartphone apps. :stuck_out_tongue:

This app it is easy find fly and planes!!! :smiley: