PDA Format for FlightTracking


I really like your like tracking features and would love to be able to view them easily on my PDA. It would seem feasable to have an alternate page that let you view the data for a given airfield in more of a verticle column so it could be easily viewed on the smaller pda screen.

Could this be considered?

Paul LaBrier


A PDA/mobile interface (no javascript, formatted for smaller screens) is in the works.


Any updates on this? I have a Palm Treo that I’d love to view the site from. I can actually view the site now and it seems to be functional but the format is very difficult to navigate.


Its been a year. I’ve looked around, but can’t find anything new. This weekend I needed to track a flight and while I could view it on my phone, it was in a very poor format and took forever to find the est. arrival time.


Try this discussion out. I think it’s what your looking for.