Further iPhone App issues

So like right now, a Cessna 182 on an IFR flight plan just landed at our airport, KBGF (8/14). It shows up on the website, but not on the iPhone App. This is typical of what is happening. As I indicated, I don’t seem to have a problem with larger corporate aircraft showing up, but the small stuff seems not to show, which is what prompted my original question, do aircraft have to be of a certain type or size to show up on the iPhone App??

Does anyone else seem to notice this??

I show one arrival (N7392Q) on my laptop and zero activity of any type on my iPod for KBGF.

Again today (8/17) two arrivals showing on the website, no data to retrieve on the iPhone App. Yes I know I can still use the website via Safari, but that’s not the point! I want the App to work since it would be easier/quicker to access!

Thanks guys, we’ve confirmed it’s a client side bug. The data is being returned by the server but not displayed. There’s no minimum aircraft size.

Thanks for taking a look. It’s been bugging me since the update!! 8)

This is fixed in the upcoming 2.5 release (pending the Apple app review circus). Please let me know if you see any other issues.

My flight today in N283DS initially showed the entire routing. This was checked after landing on the iPhone app. Later this afternoon I went to download the kmz file to keep a Google Earth record of the flight and over 2/3 of the flight is now missing. I rechecked on the iPhone and the flight is missing the same 2/3 on it now also. What happened to the earlier posted track?