iPhone App Problem


Everything works fine except when trying to view the airport activity for Beaver County (BVI). Says “Sorry, could not get flights for airport” even though there are. Says this for En Route, Scheduled, Arrivals and Departures. Any ideas?


I had this same problem with Monmouth Executive Airport (BLM). When I tried it today it just worked. Maybe you should try it now and see if it works.


Nope, still nothing. Hopefully it will get fixed soon.


Does the App not show stuff smaller than a BizJet? I seem to be able to see Corporate flights into and out of my airport (NetJets or Citation Shares), but nothing smaller. It’s really frustrating since as the airport manager I use Flight Aware often to track incoming flights. I would’ve thought that the App would just mirror the information available on the website, but I find this is often not the case.



It should display all the traffic the website shows. Which airport and board are you looking at?


Winchester, TN (KBGF) - There’s nothing on there today, but that is to be expected as there was no traffic today. However, on days when we do have flights that show up on the FA website, 90% of the time they do not show up on the App. As I said, I figured it would just mirror the website, but I NEVER see this happen.