Request - A Few New Features / Changes


I have been using Flightaware for a little while now and it’s great. I had a few ideas / thoughts for a better experience.

  1. For a given airport, would it be possible to color code the deaprtures and arrivals differently. For example, if you look at the activity at KJFK, the traffic in the area is green and the departure/arrival traffic at JFK is Blue. Would it be possible to change departures to say WHITE? This way, it’s easier to see what is going on.

  2. I noticed that some flights do not show an aircraft type. Is this due to the FAA data not having it? Is it possible to have more aircraft with equiptment listed.

  3. For commercial aircraft, is it possible to show the registration? I know for us aviation enthusiasts, we look to see if it is the same exact plane on the route day after day.

  4. Is it possible to introduce a zoom feature where we would see more traffic and deaatils in a smaller area?

Thanks for listening. Keep up the good work!



I know for that one it probably wouldn’t be possible, since it is not included in the flight plan, and you always have last minute equipment changes for example. You would need access to ACARS data or the airline’s database.


You can generally tell which way the flight is going based on the trail, but I think this is a good idea and I’ve filed this in our bug database (open to the public) so you can track our progress toward a change in the color coding scheme.

Flights without an aircraft type are VFR flights; we don’t receive a flight plan (which contains the aircraft type) for VFR flights, so we can’t display the aircraft type.

The tail number of the aircraft operating the route isn’t included in the flight plan, so we have no way of knowing what it is.

edit: Newark777 beat me to it with a better explanation.

Zoomable maps are on the to-do list.