Airport Activity Display option request


First, your service is AWSOME!

Right now you have it set to where you set whether you want current or future activity on top. It would be nice if the four data groups were split into four seperate groups instead of two. Then let users set what they want in the upper left, upper right, lower left & lower right. I would rather have enroute and schedule arrivals on the top.

Allowing the maps at the top to be toggled off would be nice too.

And while I am at it I would like a pony…a light brown one named Buster :wink:

Thanks for the service,



If you register for My FlightAware, you can customize how your view looks. You can chose to have Enroute above or below Arrivals.


I realize that, and indicated so in my original message. What I would like is Enroute AND arrivals side by side so the both display “above the fold” and would like departures below. I am really only concerned with incoming flights and will scroll down if I want to see departures.



I’d suggest just adding a bookmark button for the arrivals or En Route page of you favorite airport…***/arrivals***/enroute


Yes, I can open four browser windows and to accomplish this, but then I have four more window or tabs to look. I thought it would be a better solution to have a choice where you want what info and have it all in one. That is why I requested the feature. If they don’t think its a good idea or its too difficult to do, fine. I just thought I would make the suggestion.