Interesting new G550


Does anyone know the details surrounding this aircraft?

It’s a newly delivered G550, registered N813QS. It carries the NetJets liverly and QS tail number, however the registration info shows it is not a fractional ownership and isn’t registered to the same Oklahoma address that is typical of NetJets aircraft. It’s also blocked from tracking. … 88/medium/ … rtxt=813qs


I am assuming that you mean N813QS not N815QS (Hawker 800XP - Marquise Jet) The G550 N813QS is co-owned (50|50) by Earth LLC and Globe LLC out of CA. They also have N846QM (GV)


Everytime you use google see where the money goes! Could this be part of the Google Air Force?


Where do you get that? According to FAA this plane is owned by Wells Fargo. They finance alot of aircraft, esp airliners. My guess is this is a new Net Jets GV that has yet to be sold to fractional owners. I believe fractionals need a few of their own aircraft to help manage the service they offer which also includes less than fractional card holders, charter and sales related flights.


I suspect that since the aircraft is so new that the FAA registry hasn’t caught up yet with the new Netjets registration information. Gulfstream uses Wells Fargo for their flooring and would be shown as lien holder in care of Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. The FAA shows the record this way during the post production/completion period following issuance of Certificate of Airworthiness prior to delivery to Netjets.


Yes, I agree Wells Fargo has the note and is the Financing Company behind the aircraft. They, the Google boys also have another G550 - N785QS; Along with a GV N846QM along with that ex-Quantus 767-200 & the party plane the 757. They were keeping them at Moffit for a spell (no one else’s private jets were there) only the google boys. Had an agreement to let them use the military base there for parking etc for only 1.3 mil a year for NASA who now runs the base. I think local people got upset and now there back at SJC. Rumor has it that they are looking to get a new 787 dreamliner. Must be nice!


ex-Quantus 767-200

Dami must be sleeping.[/quote]


The aircraft was delivered to NetJet Sales.
It also obviously in NetJets livery and registration.


Naw, just given up. If somebody wants to misspell Qantas, even though they have never seen it spelled by the airline with a U, then that’s their ignorance or typo showing.


Sorry about my misspelling (typo and lack of proofreading)… N813QS - has a trust 50/50 with Earth and Globe LLC. Is that another name for NETJET’s. Seeing it was based at Moffitt and only Google Jet’s are allowed to be based there. I was assuming that it must be a Google plane.


Where do you see this info?


PM me if you want to learn more. But the FAA is a great place to start.


That’s kindamy point…



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What is that link for? I looked at the Google gossip page but didn’t find anything about N813QS. I found other bad information like G-IV’s only have five windows. N813QS is a GV-SP with seven windows. The one discussed on this gossip site is N506QS which has no direct ties to Google or its founders. It’s another Net Jets/NJI Sales GV (with six windows/pictured at BFI).

The FAA registration for N813QS still shows Wells Fargo and AZ provided a good explanation for that bank’s involvement with Gulfstream.

Where did you get this info?


It is a google airplane.


Thank god! I’ve been waiting 4 years for someone to revive this thread! :wink:


I know, that’s what I said 4 years ago! Finally someone else validated it!


N1757 is also for sale…