How to marshall a fighter jet


Imagine that you are a fighter pilot, strapped in to your state of the art fighting machine, about to risk life and limb to defend your country. As you taxi out to take on your enemy, this could be the last thing you see …


Why oh why do they insist on music instead of the sound of the jets? Other than that, pretty good video.


No, that needed music. That was funny. It would have been stupid with out the music. Some would argue it was stupid anyway. To each their own.


It’s funny.


That’s great stuff… Reminds me of some of the crazy sh*t us rampers used to do at the airline. :open_mouth: Back when the job was fun…or at least we tried to make it that way…


Such as? I always find it funny when I pull up in a put put Cessna and an airline crew is on the other side of an intersecting taxiway and they’re waving back, smiling and having a good time. You never get that version when sitting in the back.


I agree. The whole point of the video was the marshall was bustin’ out some great dance moves. The moves were very much in sync with the music. It would have been only mildly entertaining for a few short moments without the music!


You think there was music actually playing or was this guy just dancing to the music in his own head?


IF there was music playin’, I doubt anyone would’ve heard it over the whine of the engines. Nah, had to be in the guy’s head…


Probably both LOL I wouldn’t be surprised if he had “music headphones” rather then ear protection headphones for as good as he was dancing.

Needless to say, if they were ear protection headphones he was wearing, I want some of that stuff he was on to dance to the beat of his own music.

And yes, I am with the crowd of music lovers.

Go to the airport if you want the listen to the raw power of jet engines.

The measily ole 20 watt speakers (giving it the benefit of the doubt!) just doesn’t don’t cut it on a desktop computer sound system for simulating the raw power of a jet engine. :slight_smile:



I partially agree with you. I will admit that the music was okay with the marshallers who actually danced. Some of the ones at the beginning could have done without the music.

You should take a look at the comments I got when I commented on Youtube that the music wasn’t needed. Some of those people are downright rude and crude. Of course, they probably listen to hard rock, too.


I’ll bet they thought you were from another planet or something…


Back when the job was fun…or at least we tried to make it that way…

I second that!



Personally I want to hear pure engine sound on start up, esp on a PT6-A. Otherwise the music makes it much more interesting and can even set a mood to an otherwise boring video. Although we’re all flying freaks, the average person watching that video is not.

Case in point: Which do you prefer…

No music?

With music?


The With music? video opens looking out over the area where the skydivers’ Cessna 208 crashed killing 10 back in October. Ill try to post some pictures in that thread later.



I have the perfect solution.
Turn down the speakers.
Go and get your vacuum cleaner, hold it up near your head, switch it on, press the play button on the video.


:laughing: LOL :laughing:


There must have been 100 or more guys just standing around watching #118 at the end. You can’t convince me that’s a normal work practice. I’d expect there was a crew around filming that ever-popular Brit series, “Aviation Idol”.