Sucks!!! - two US Navy F-18E pilots grounded . . .

US NavyTimes News Flying to low over crowd . . .

YouTube Video Kool !!!

Two words. B.S. They are asked to do a flyover and then get canned because they did a good job of it? In my opinion, the lower and louder, the better! Had they known the repercussions of that, I’d like to see how low that pass would have been. And what’s the difference between that and a Blue Angels sneak pass? Sure, one is a blue angel, but they’re all highly trained in F/A-18’s and the sneak passes get much lower (and a hell of alot faster) than that over crowded area’s too.

Blue Angels sneak pass:

They werent that frikkin low…wtf…political BS again. :exclamation: :imp:

Hey… Do it lower next time… :wink:

Top Gun rules of engagement exist
for your safety and for that of your team.
They’re not flexible, nor am l. Obey them
or you’re history. Is that clear?.

:laughing: CRYSTAL

YouTube Video the endangered!, crowd loved it!!!

What was the name of that truck driving school?..

Truckmaster I think

Jeezzzuuusss…they lost their wings over that!? PERMANENTLY grounded and assigned desk jobs! What a waste of training and money. Hopefully the CO who ordered that will be over ruled some how… More over reaction from our military and government.

Fly over was cool but not worth ending a career over…

All of the important stuff aside, did anyone else notice the gear are extended during the flyover?
Why would you ever want to showcase anything other than a clean jet for the crowd. Gear down?
Maybe they were planning a touch and go on the field but aborted! :wink:

This is somewhat lower…

Looking at these flyover videos I can’t help but wonder WTF they were thinking? Do they not know the rules, or are they just that arrogant? What a way to piss away a career. So foolish.


This is somewhat lower…

Through that link, I found this one:

Exactly! Everyone’s bitching and moaning that this is a stupid punishment, but what the hell did they expect?! These were two experienced pilots and officers who broke a rule. And they weren’t just a few feet below the allowable altitude. It suck’s that their out of aviation, but at least they’re not out on their asses.

Through that link, I found this one:

- YouTube
I watch that one a lot!

Very cool!


This is somewhat lower…

Hate to break it to ya, but that video is a total fake, although it looks real, it is made from CGI software. This video, however is real because I was at that game… I’m surprised these pilots weren’t fired for their flyover. I agree with everyone in here the Navy pilots being fired is total BS.

Alabama vs. LSU 2005 Flyover - YouTube)

In the military, orders are orders, and rules are rules. They were under the 1,000 foot minimum in a civilian environment.

Gone are the days this kind of thing could be swept under the carpet with just a reprimand from the CO. But, the final authority was Rear Adm. O’Hanlon, the buck stops there.