FedEx flight tracker animations

Check out these two animations.
First one is all fedex aircraft (non-feeder) in a 25 hour period. Amazing! Memphis looks like an anthill!

Second one is an animation of diversions around severe weather around KMEM. Neat to see them sneaking in between the cells.

BTW, if this hasnt been mentioned before, these are both from the Alexis Park Inn website, with a GREAT collection of aviation videos.

A similar animation was posted at … +animation

Question: Why the crappy music on all of these? They would have been much better without music.

Huh. How 'bout that. How did I miss that? I’m on here every day. Sorry didnt search for it here before posting.

I agree, all aviation videos have music on them these days. I was just happy it wasnt Danger Zone!

Edit: Just checked the other link from google, the quality is not as good as the one I posted, and the music is slightly better, but just as good on mute!

If they think it needs music or noise, how about the sound of jet engines or, along the lines of Airplane!, prop sounds.

Well, I can appreciate the music. It’s better than silence. Hard to be creative with various noise(s) to go with hundreds of airplanes without sounding like, well… noise!

I like the selections for these two: … 8991195179 … HR_OPS.wmv

But the “Living on the Edge” just doesn’t go with this one: … rsions.wmv

The is great though! Watched a few videos just now - seems like enough to entertain me for an evening or two (or three or four even). Thanks for sharing that site!

Well, I invested in a computer that has a “mute” button. It’s easier to mute unwanted audio than it is to add audio to a silent movie…

Besides, who would want to mute an instrumental version of a Led Zepplin classic like “Going to California”!!! Seems like someone from the Golden State could find a place in their heart… :slight_smile:

Why does the music have to be loud?

At work, I use headsets to listen to Coast to Coast AM and other radio shows. I start up one of these videos and all of sudden there are dead people waking up due to the loudness.

It’s not that the music is getting loud. It’s just that you are getting old…


Can’t be that I’m getting old. Old is always 5 years older than me.

I’ve always liked my music and sounds at a volume where my hearing isn’t hurt. One exception - I love the sound of a jet - a real jet, not these mamy-bamy things today - taking off at full blast.

Nothing says “Fed Ex” like Led Zeppelin in karaoke form… :question: I guess it’s a “busy” sounding song.
Anyway, I didn’t realize Fed Ex had such a large operation out of Indy as well. Guess I just never paid that much attention to them.

Surprising response – we got lots of feedback that we need to add audio to our videos after people saw the FedEx thunderstorm animation.

Please - if you add audio, make sure you can turn it off. And, make sure the default is turned off, not on. Thanks.

I really feel audio takes away from the video.

On this matter, I wholeheartedly agree with you!

I’m in the opposite corner. I’d prefer the music default on - just make sure it’s something tasteful that adds to the video - NOT detract from it! :wink:

Sound should default to off- If you are in a work environment or somewhere else where sound music/engine noise/wild screaming suddlenly pours forth from your speakers, it can cause problems.

I agree 100% with off. Yesterday, one of the guys I work with was on the phone with one of our vendors and he opened an email with a video attached and his speakers were turned up and all we heard in the office was “ME SO HORNY!!” Granted, it was the funniest thing that happened yesterday, but still could have been bad.

The workplace friendly setting is for sound/audio to be set to OFF by default.