Check this out!!!


I wish Flightaware could do this!!! Oh and flightaware is in the clip. Tell me if you like it or not.
Flight Tracking timelaps


That would be a nice addition to flight aware. :smiley:

What are you doing on YouTube, shouldn’t you be on Church St. finishing your Christmas shopping? :wink:


How do you know about church street??? Are you from around here??? I finished shopping last night at like 9pm. Tomorrow is the big Christmas Eve party at our house so I won’t be on here for to long.


I saw you are from Burlington. My Dad is a St. Mike’s grad and as a family we spent many weekends both in Burlington and Stowe. I used to do a lot of shopping on Church St.

One of his college friends ( deceased now ) became Base Commander for the Vermont Air National Guard.


OH OK. I live about less then 1/4 mile from the national guard gate. And pass by St Mikes almost everyday. Vermont is pretty laid back uh. Never boarded at Stowe but have gone to weddings at the Top Notch resort VERY NICE AND FUN. Have a happy holiday weekend.


Eventually we’ll offer it more – we’ve done it a few times upon lots of request: … _movie.rvt


Hey dbaker, how did yoou find that flight animation?


Well, this is his website, so he has his ways. :wink:


I’d love to see a time-lapse for the Denver area as the blizzards pass over or for KDFW tonight as flights were diverted due to ugly weather.


Here’s another animation. Great imagination, loud music (for which the volume can be lowered). My computer opened it as a QuickTime movie.

Flight Patterns”, by Aaron Koblein