Weather Diversions from Memphis!


Looks like Memphis is right in the middle of the weather had 2 aircraft divert into KHSV,due to Memphis only having 1 runway due to Wind Shear,delays as long as 2 hours,also they were holding for awhile due to a TORNADO just south of the Field.


Fed Ex cannot be a happy camper about flights being diverted…

I always enjoy the Fed EX video played to music as weather approaches the field… :smiley:


Someones going to ask. LINK


:question: Sounds interesting…is there a link to… :wink:


These are both fun videos to watch.



KSWF picked up a couple of diversions this afternoon/evening - one AAL bound for LGA from KORD, and a COA flight from Barcelona heading for EWR

Imagine you fly all the way from Europe…and having to sit on the ground in Newburgh, NY for an hour??

Things are going to get REAL fun on the East coast tonight…


Been there done that…

The time it took for me to get from Rome Italy to Newark NJ was shorter then from Newark NJ to Cleveland OH.

Why? Line of thunderstorms over Pittsburgh.

4 hours sitting on the plane for that, taxi back to a gate. We re-board the plane after the line moves through, and then ATC has a ground stop, another 4 hours sitting on the plane.

Total time from Newark to Cleveland 11 hours.



God’s way of telling you that no one truly needs to go to Cleveland.