Cool Memphis thunderstorm plane track video


A FAA Radar track sequence of a bank of FedEx aircraft getting into Memphis as thunderstorms pass over the airport.

Pretty cool! Towards the end, some divert. … 8991195179



I forget which author proposed this, but… if an alien species came in close to earth, but only close enough to see our vehicles and not the human species, imagine what they would think. They would think our airplanes or our cars are “life” acting in these sort of beehive like patterns.


Fascinating, entertaining and an appropriate music score! Two-thumbs-up!


Ooh, music score, eh? I didn’t catch that. I’ve got the volume off as I’m in the library studying for finals. I’m an Aero Engineering major and they require me to take BioChem (ug :confused: ), go figure?


I notice toward the end, one plane (not tagged) is holding just northeast of Little Rock, then diverts all the way to St. Louis! Was there just too much traffic for Little Rock to handle? I guess they only have one or two guys in the tower at that time of night…