How to get the map to show all flights over the area

I was wondering how I could get the map to show all flights flying over the area for Champaign, IL (CMI). It used to work, but now it just shows flights arriving here.


I zoomed the map to 20 miles and flights around CMI showed.

It works for me at 10 miles but not 20.

Something odd seems to be going on with the maps. My default airport shows all flights at 20 miles but nothing above or below, except for flights from my default.

If you want to see vicinity flights and don’t, zoom in. When you would get too many on screen (browser performance issues), it automatically hides the vicinity flights.

Is it anything that can be ‘fixed’ at your end Mark? A certain product with the initials ANLFT handles area tracking flawlessly without any resource or browser hang-ups. Obviously one has to part with some dollars for that product though, but it clearly can be done without too much effort…


For the record, I miss the days of … 2457#32457

Why not set up parameters like you do on the Itouch / Ipad to limit the area of traffic to around the airport when zooming out?

If the users then zoom out too far, then filter as the current process is.

AFAIK that product is a Windows app rather than web based.

There are some other products like RVCRTAT that put more objects on the screen, but they end up painful in IE6. We’re looking into changing the limits depending on the browser to take advantage of the newer browsers capabilities.

We’re going to add tags for multiple aircraft and probably keep vicinity traffic within a box (like the app does) rather than take it away entirely.